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Multifunctional beauty cleansing instrument

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Material: ABS

color: White

Size: about 79*67*67mm (base)

Product technology: vibration, heating, cleaning, introduction, temperature: 42 degrees

Input voltage: 5V Input current: 0.5A

Input power: 3.7W

Packing size: 161*94*60mm

Five-speed mode adjustment

1. Long press to turn on the device means the vibration intensity is weak. (Blue light on)

2. Short press the button after power on, the vibration intensity is in the middle. (Blue light on)

3. Press the button again, the vibration intensity is high (blue light is on)

4. Press the button again, heating does not vibrate. (Red light on)

5. Press the button again, the vibration intensity + heating. (Blue light + red light on)

6. Long press to shut down.

7. Charging: The charging red light is on and the full blue light is on.


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