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Christmas Wedding Decoration Artificial Immortal Wreath

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The dried flowers are processed by a series of complicated processes such as dehydration, decolorization, drying and dyeing by high-tech means. In addition, no matter the color, traits, and feel are almost the same as flowers, it maintains the characteristics of flowers, and the colors are richer and more versatile.
Immortal flowers are not our common dried flowers. Ordinary dried flowers are difficult to maintain the color, shape, texture and flexibility of flowers, and are easy to fade, scatter and damage. In other words, ordinary dried flowers do not have the color and luster of real flowers, let alone grow. Time of preservation period.
Immortal flowers are eluted to remove the content of plant cells, such as sugar and fat. After preservation and dyeing, the plant cells maintain their natural structure, shape and color without corruption and embrittlement due to loss of water.
Therefore, immortal flowers can not only be stored and used for a long time, be convenient for logistics and transportation, eliminate the urgent time pressure of flowers, but also can show the natural beauty of flowers and plants for a long time. This is a major innovation of flower products.


Material: dried flowers

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