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Christmas Creative Wooden Tree Decoration Pendant

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The more tactful and smooth the shape of the wooden crafts, the more exquisite structure, elegant decoration, and simple temperament, the more ideal the effect of wood grain direction, and even unexpectedly good-looking, extremely decorative, it is also a decoration and beautification of the environment. 

It cultivates temperament and is pleasing to the eye, so it has a high collection value.   

Wooden handicrafts are highly artistic. They are based on relief techniques. The design adopts scattered perspective and bird's-eye perspective. 

The layout is full, loose but not loose, many but not chaotic, with clear layers, prominent themes, and strong story plots. Therefore, it is loved by collectors.


Packing: OPP bag

Material: woo

Category: Christmas ornaments

Process: Printing

Specifications: Type A car *3, Type B cabin elk Christmas tree

A1: height: 6.6cm; width: 8cm

A2: height: 6.5cm width: 8.2cm

A3: height: 5.5cm height: 5.5cm

Package Content:

1*Christmas wooden decoration pendant


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