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Beauty hydrating instrument

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Rated power: 370W
Rated voltage: AC220V

Rated frequency: 50HZ

Features: 1, the generated steam negative ions can moisturize, whiten skin
2, thermal spray can promote blood circulation, eliminate dirt in the pores, accelerate metabolism
3, cold spray for problematic, allergic skin, the generated steam anion can effectively stabilize and repair sensitive skin
4, the best combination of nature and instrument, decipher the youth password, keep the best state
5, is a good helper for home beauty, more suitable for use at home

How to use: Step 1: After loading the nozzle, align it with the card position of the steamer and push the spray tube inward. Insert it to adjust the angle.
Step 2: Prepare a piece of cotton pad.
Step 3: Tear the cotton pad into small pieces
Step 4: Drop two or three drops of compound essential oil onto cotton
Step 5: Put the cotton with the essential oil into the aromatherapy head and put the aromatherapy lid on the tape or rope.
Step 6: Unscrew the lid and pour the tap water from the water inlet to the highest water level line (do not exceed the maximum water level line. The water level line may spray water, the water level is lower than the instrument does not start working.) There is a white medicine blue under the lid. Chinese herbal medicine bags, milk, fruits, etc. can be added. If you feel that the aromatherapy head is not convenient to put the essential oil, you can directly put the cotton sheet with the essential oil into the medicine blue. (Note: no other impurities can be added to the water, otherwise it will cause water spray)
Step 7: The blue and the lid are brought together, the medicine blue is put into the machine, the power is turned on, and the switch is turned on.
Step 8: Clean the face
Step 9: After heating for about 2 minutes, steam will be ejected, and the essential oil that has been sucked onto the cotton sheet will enter the spray due to the heat of the steam and the blown air. The medicine pack in the medicine blue will also steam out with the steam. The general hydration spray is about 10 minutes, and the deep cleaning spray is about 15 minutes. Just throw away the cotton or medicine bag after use. Press the switch mechanism after use and unplug the power cord. It should be noted that if it is not used for a long time, please pour the remaining water from the inlet hole and dry it.




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