Styling your Car: The ULTIMATE Game Changer -

Styling your Car: The ULTIMATE Game Changer

Living in an era of personalisation, our homes, phones, pets and cars even are personalised. But it can burn a hole in your wallet, especially with the price receipts from branded tags.


How can you then personalise your car? Here are some ideas we’d like to share:


Diamond studded crown hand-break gear cover: A crown and diamond-studded hand-break, gear and shoulder guards are enough to make you feel royal in your automobile.


Magnetic car curtains: Magnetic car curtains give you the much-needed protection for your baby and yourself from the scorching sun peeking through your glass windows. These are environment friendly and ensure complete protection and privacy.


Luminous car clock, thermometer, and voltmeter: A luminous car clock can keep you punctual even when the lights are dim or when you’re driving in the dark. Shop the chic-looking luminous car clock at!


Car glass case holder: Keep your sunglasses or spectacles safe when driving in your car with this car glass case holder. Shop them in different colours suiting every car interior.


Car lights: Each light box is equipped with 8 high-power LED lights with 6000K helium HID ultra-white issue, for long service life. They offer low power consumption and a quick instant start time. The installation is so easy to connect the positive and negative wires to any power outlet in the vehicle with an adjustable stand. They are also universal for all cars, trucks, SUVs, and trailer vehicles.


Car pet mat: If you travel with your pets, they are bound to make the car a mess. Use this car pet mat to keep your pets comfy and your car clean.


Inflatable car mattress: Do you camp often? Are you looking for a mattress? Shop the easy inflatable and de-flatable car mattress at Chique Trends.


Portable car vacuum cleaner: If you’re a do-it-yourselfer this portable car vacuum cleaner helps you clean your car spick and span. This vacuum cleaner offers wet and dry dual-use, strong suction, water stains, and cleaning out the small stones, and coins. The humanized design handle makes it easier to use.


It features a 5-meter long cable with a 10-meter operating diameter for full vehicle coverage.


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