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Luxury Style Home Décor at

Given the post-covid era, we spend a lot of time at home in our personal dwelling space. It’s important that this place not only harbours peace and prosperity but also a certain sense of tranquillity.  

Chiquetrends has the right set of home styling to alight your home with a balance of luxury and solace.

Creative Wine Glass LED Lamp: The creative wine glass with LED lights serves as a portable table lamp as well as speakers. It’s perfect for listening to audiobooks, playing music and changing the ambience colours to suit your mood.

Desktop Water Fountain: The sound of water guides the neuronal waves in your brain allowing it to have a calming and soothing effect. Running water is also used to practice meditation for years.  You can always be calm and relaxed at your desk using the Desktop water fountain at chiquetrends.

Door Frame Angel Wings Wall Sculpture Ornament: Are you looking to give your home an ancient/roman look? This door frame angel wings sculpture is the perfect ornament to help you achieve that goal.

Moon Chandelier: You want to have a little piece of the universe while going off to sleep. This moon chandelier brings a little piece of the universe. Next time, someone says to get them the moon and stars you bring them the Moon chandelier.

Special-shaped Makeup Luxury Style Mirror: On average, we spend about 56 minutes in front of the mirror every day. The vanity mirror by chiquetrends offers you the perfect indulgence in self. Check out more mirror collections here.

LED Tripod: Want to make your room look like a groovy corner? Shop the party LED tripod lamp available in 3 different colours.


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